Translucent design panels

What is the difference between translucent and transparant? Transparant means clear, while translucent is a synonym for semitransparant. Our exclusive translucent design panels with honeycombs give you the opportunity to play with light and at the same time diffuse who or what is on the opposite side.

The bonding of different high-tech materials leads to new sandwich elements. Illuminated or backlit, attractive light effects are created by the transparent honeycomb structure in the core of the panels. These panels − with a polycarbonate or acrylic facing − are primarily used as decorative elements in interior and exterior areas. From the visually pleasing partition wall in the office to sophisticated shop designs, the possibilities are endless.

The panels are characterized by a high degree of flexibility and individualization options. Numerous compositions can be designed with colour, surface, core, shape and special effects. Printed panels are also possible as well as shaping or special edge banding.