Unlimited transparency

The word ‘transparency’ holds multiple meaning. It refers to the transmission of light through an object, and can also serve as a metaphor for visibility: making visible what is valued, what has happened, and what is underway.

The use of transparency makes people ‘want to get to the next space’. At the same time,  transparency and opacity make the smaller spaces in which we live and work feel larger. Our Luxface collection offers a great variety in design to satisfy human emotions by using transparency: creating transparency and human connection can be essential in your design project.

Our Luxface collection is made of an eco-resin that allows unlimited eye-catching design installations. Through its aesthetic language, scientific realities can be translated into engaging experiential spaces, that opens the potential to a broad public engagement, empathy and knowledge, specifically in ecological issues.

The Luxface collection of Premium Panels needs a creative mind, as design meets the new imagination: Try to combine with innovative lighting. Luxface brings a unique and colourful atmosphere to each of your projects. Try to value conscience and uniqueness; The light-weight panels enable qualifications of LEED-credits for building-sustainability, are produced on an individual basis, are handcrafted, and are thermo-formable.

Premium Panels invite you to experience ‘transparency’ through our seductive Luxform, Luxtone, Luxice and Luxcore collections.

My visibility, my choice.