A stylish & sustainable timber solution

Why not look out for the environment and use our Stack Panel Original? The product is designed and manufactured in Australia; a really unique, artistic original design, made from off-cuts, and handcrafted.

The material used is Western Red Cedar, which is widely regarded as the ultimate sustainable building product. This remarkable timber has long been lauded for its strength, durability, and workability, as well as its dimensional stability, resistance to decay, and exceptional acoustic properties.

In addition to these outstanding physical properties, our Stack Panel Original offers the timeless beauty and warm, inviting tones of this specific timber.

The idea of Stack Panel Original was to create warmth and style through the use of beautiful recycled timbers, composed in random patterns. The result is an innovative, contemporary and unique feature wall that will provoke a great deal of admiration. You can opt for the original look and keep our Stack Panel Original in its current state to create an ambiance of authenticity with that extra old warm charm.

Alternatively, we could propose our Stack Panel Original in f.e. ‘wenge’ or ‘whitewash’ tones, which will enable you to create the exact intimate or fresh feelings you would like to use to bring the right atmosphere in your project.

My conscience, my choice.