Your 3D stone experience

The power of aesthetics on soul, mind, health & behaviour of people cannot be underestimated. Our Stonini Profilestone Collection will enable designers to create a higher level of quality, luxury, and sophistication: why not value the richness, health & uniqueness of people?

Stonini Profilestone is designed and manufactured in Australia; handcrafted, eco-friendly, light-weight, and with different unique surfaces. The surface of our Stonini panels is made by an innovative moulding – profiling technique. The different range of 3D finishes is made of a combination of High-Grade Acrylic Polymer in combination with Fiberglass which makes the product flexible and shock resistant.

Would you like to value the individual in larger, public projects? Our Stonini range combines the beautifulness of natural stone with practical characteristics such as non-flammability, easy installation, and durability. We can offer you the different Stonini Surfaces in standard ivory, or we can propose a coated version which could match with the tones of the other elements in your design project.

My challenge, my choice.